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We fund small & medium enterprises.

We are not an venture capital investment firm or “Internet lender” nor broker.

We take a different approach and strategy then traditional lenders and institutional investors, unlike an equity investment firm, extraordinary growth or huge market opportunities and exit strategies are not required.  




Capital Funding Solutions is a direct lender and member partner with the Be Remarkable Group, Inc.

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business or an established entity looking for a new funding source, we look at and evaluate the business as a whole, the products or services being delivered, the transactions being financed and the credit quality of the buyer. 

Does your company need working capital to grow?  We work with companies large and small throughout the U.S. financing businesses in a wide variety of industries, including: Staffing, IT Staffing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government Contractors, Security Firms and many others. Learn More 


Capital Banking Solutions

Our mission is to convey turnkey funding solutions to our clients through strategic alliances with a comprehensive network of capital providers.  We also provide financial institutions with multiple strategies to deliver working capital to businesses regardless of market dynamics.  Learn More

We’re the right choice when you’re faced with new opportunities and need working capital to capture them.

Celebrating 15 YearsBest Factoring Company 2018 Providing Businesses with Funding Solutions.


Executive Team:

Greg Curley: Chief Executive Officer & President (Left)
Greg Porter: Vice-President Sales & Marketing (Right)
Kirk Evans: Director, Be Remarkable Group, Inc.

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