Funding Affiliates Welcomed - always be remarkable.

We are a working capital provider.

We are not an venture capital investment firm, “Internet lender” nor brokers.

  • Are your clients having problems raising funds through capital markets or unsecured bank loans?
  • What happens when your client has an abundance of orders to fill and no cash or credit to fill them?
  • Are your clients faced with diminishing cash flow issues and need to accelerate how quickly customers pay your invoices?
  • Do your clients operations extend across U.S. national borders?

Do you have clients that could benefit from your association with the Be Remarkable Group?

As a funding agent, you’ll earn more than just a referral fee because you’re providing your clients with a value added service, opposed to just referring them over to us.  The Be Remarkable Affiliate Collaboration Program is particularly suitable for:

  • Advisory Professionals:  Those having the ability to offer our funding solutions to clients and earn extra income.
  • Financial Institutions: Financial service organization that need quick and professional funding for their applicants and clients.
  • Membership Organizations: Having members that are businesses struggling due to a lack of cash-flow.


 Let us show you how to benefit from our commission structures!


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The Be Remarkable Group, Inc. is a members of the Be Sensitive Network, a portion of our profits are provisioned to the Be Sensitive Foundation in support of Be Remarkable Projects.