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We are a capital provider helping to grow the fourth industrial revolution.

We are not an venture capital investment firm, “Internet lender” nor brokers.

We understand that you are a real business and not just a fundable one.

With so many founders defaulting to fundraising, many are missing the opportunity to discover the real value for themselves. When you put your focus on customers, you’ll soon understand why you were slow to close, and then closed them.

We fund small & medium enterprises.

It’s time to uncovered your sales channel that you’ve underappreciated and overlooked and get to the heart of the customer’s issues that were keeping a deal from getting signed.

  1. We’re searching for innovative businesses making a positive impact with their products or services.
  2. We reduce liability for manufacturing contractors by reducing their credit provisioning to subcontractors.
  3. We service accredited investors seeking to participate in the funding opportunities that met their requirements.

We directly fund and create customized funding packages for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

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Here are some benefits you’ll like!

  • No monthly service fees
  • No upfront or application fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No early payment fees
  • No renewal fees
  • No personal guarantee if non-recourse
  • Online reporting 24/7
  • Fast turnaround; usually within 24-hours
  • Flexible advance rates up to 85%
  • Flexible fee periods structured from 5-to-30-days
  • Low fees based on your client’s creditworthiness (not yours)
  • Funds directly wired into your account
  • Non-recourse and recourse factoring

We’re the right choice when you’re faced with new opportunities and need working capital to capture them. Take a look at our case studies



Financing Source BRF Solutions Bank Loan Leasing Private Investor Venture Capital
Days to Funding 1-2 30 to 90 15-30 15-30  



Simple Application Yes No or Unlikely No Maybe No
Requires Personal Guarantees No Yes Maybe Maybe No
Approval Based on Clients’ Credit No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Funding Tied to Sales Yes No No No No
Give up Equity No No No Yes Yes
Take on Debt No Yes Yes Maybe No
Limited to asset Value No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
Requires Track Record No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
Requires Profitability No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
On-going Reporting and Monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reduces Overhead and Costs Yes No No No No
Adds Additional Costs No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Costs Accounting etc. Insurance Accounting Board Fees, etc.


Be Remarkable Group, Inc. supports SeeMeFunded Projects.