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What we’re finding now is that a lot of the big trends that people have been talking about in technology for the past three to five years are actually translating into real results right now.

– Brook Dane

The latest Silicon Valley tech trends are moving from concepts to reality and creating new opportunities for investors in the process. Brook Dane of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Fundamental Equity Group shares how technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics are now being embedded into practical applications and how cloud computing is creating investment opportunities among traditional software companies.


We are a working capital provider.

We are not an venture capital investment firm, “Internet lender” nor brokers.

We fund small & medium enterprises.

We’re the right choice when you’re faced with new opportunities and need working capital to capture them.

We directly fund and create financial packages for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

We’re searching for innovative businesses making a positive impact with their products or services.

What are Be Remarkable Funding Solutions?

Simply put, we provide you with customized funding solutions to help you increase productivity and grow.


  • Are you having problems raising funds through capital markets or unsecured bank loans?

We can assume the responsibility of alleviating your funding issues – Asset-Based Solutions. 

  • Are you faced with diminishing cash flow issues and need to accelerate how quickly customers pay your invoices?

We can issue your company a line of credit based on your current invoices – Invoice Funding Solutions.

  • What happens when you have an abundance of orders to fill and no cash or credit to fill them?

We can provide you with a short-term finance option that provides capital to pay your suppliers- Purchase-Order Financing Solutions.

  • Do your operations extend across U.S. national borders?

We can help expand your lines of credit with suppliers that produce and deliver a finished product. – Supplier Guarantees-  Credit Solutions 

Here are the facts, some benefits you’ll like!

  • No monthly service fees
  • No upfront or application fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No early payment fees
  • No renewal fees
  • No personal guarantee if non-recourse
  • Online reporting 24/7
  • Fast turnaround; usually within 24-hours
  • Flexible advance rates up to 85%
  • Flexible fee periods structured from 5-to-30-days
  • Low fees based on your client’s creditworthiness (not yours)
  • Funds directly wired into your account
  • Non-recourse and recourse factoring







Financing Source BRF Solutions Bank Loan Leasing Private Investor Venture Capital
Days to Funding 1-2 30 to 90 15-30 15-30  



Simple Application Yes No or Unlikely No Maybe No
Requires Personal Guarantees No Yes Maybe Maybe No
Approval Based on Clients’ Credit No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Funding Tied to Sales Yes No No No No
Give up Equity No No No Yes Yes
Take on Debt No Yes Yes Maybe No
Limited to asset Value No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
Requires Track Record No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
Requires Profitability No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
On-going Reporting and Monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reduces Overhead and Costs Yes No No No No
Adds Additional Costs No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Costs Accounting etc. Insurance Accounting Board Fees, etc.




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