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What is Purchase-Order Funding?

Let’s assume your business has received a larger than average order, or a series of orders that will deplete all your cash reserves. Purchase-order funding (or PO Funding) is a short-term commercial finance option that provides capital to pay suppliers upfront so your company doesn’t have to deplete cash reserves.

By using our purchase order funding solutions, your suppliers are paid directly,  usually via a letter of credit, enabling you to fulfill the order with proceeds arriving after shipment is received.

Why Use Purchase-Order Funding?

Purchase order funding is designed for growing businesses with little access to sufficient working capital and/or poor cash flow.  The type of business that qualifies is usually a producer, distributor, wholesaler or re-seller of manufactured products. Finished goods coming from your supplier directly to your buyer are always a preferred transaction; however, we will look at minimal work-in-process deals as well.

How Can Be Remarkable Funding Solutions Help?

If your company finally landed that big order, but there’s no access to the capital needed to make it happen,  although there are several options available, you should consider purchase order funding.


Additional Benefits:

  • No hidden fees
  • Professional management of your accounts receivable
  • Access to online reports anytime and at no cost
  • D&B Credit Reports to evaluate your clients’ credit-worthiness
  • No debt, liability or long-term contracts
  • Extremely simple process


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