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What are Supplier Guarantee Solutions?

Our supplier-guarantee solution bridges the gap, letting you do larger business deals and accelerating your company’s growth. Companies are able to seize new business opportunities that were not previously achievable, due to a lack of available credit from suppliers.

The Benefits of a Supplier Guarantee Solution:

  • The Supplier Guarantee Solution can be used to support domestic supplier relationships relative to orders as well as international transactions.
  • Supplier Guarantee is  inexpensive way to obtain credit terms from suppliers.
  • Additional early payment or bulk purchase discounts can be negotiated by your company.
  • Supplier is paid much sooner than ever before.

How Can it Help My Business?

As you focus on your business strategies to grow, there are two main roadblocks that may emerge:

  1. Consistent cash flow
  2. Available credit from suppliers

How the Supplier Guarantee Cycle Works:

  1. You land a huge order and need raw materials
  2. You lack credit so supplier will not ship goods
  3. We purchase your A/R from the large order
  4. The funds allow delivery of finished product
  5. We pay supplier based on your future A/R
  6. We deduct expenses/fees and remit profit to you

A Supplier Guarantee Solution is a tri-party agreement between you, us and your supplier ; wherein we contractually obligate ourselves to pay the supplier from the proceeds of the funded invoices.  Once we confirm your buyer has received products or services and your company confirms amount owed; we will pay your supplier directly for any goods or services used to produce the order.

We even propose this procedure for private investors.

As with a supplier, your investor may have reservations about supplying additional capital to your company without some type of loan or note. This powerful program gives you the needed flexibility and buying power throughout the sales cycle.

Additional Benefits:

  • No hidden fees
  • Professional management of your accounts receivable
  • Access to online reports anytime and at no cost
  • D&B Credit Reports to evaluate your clients’ credit-worthiness
  • No debt, liability or long-term contracts
  • Extremely simple process


Although there are several options available, you should consider our supplier guarantee solution.


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